Features and benefits

  • Fast and simple render
    Connect Render has an intuitive and easy to use interface that requires little technical knowledge about rendering. All you’ll need to do is apply your product knowledge, and prepare to give your customers stunning product images.
  • No need for expensive hardware
    The Connect render process happens in the cloud (on the web), so forget expensive computers and clunky video cards. You have the power of the cloud at your fingertips.
  • Multiple uses

Build rendered images to enhance presentations and amaze your customers.
Use Connect rendered images on your website, in advertisements, or in price lists.
Connect Render will show your product sophistication and convey a positive brand and product image.

Connect dealers and clients

How does it work?

Design a workstation in CAP and create the 3D view in Connect.
3 simple steps:

  1. Pick the desired finishes
  2. Position the camera
  3. Select the resolution

That’s it. The image is rendered in the cloud and will not use your computer or mobile device’s resources.
You’ll be notified when the render finishes.

How much does it cost?

Create an account, buy your credits and get started now!
Each render costs 1 – 20 credits (depending on the size of the image)
1 credit = US$ 1 (or less!)

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Starting at
USD $79.00 / month