How Does It Work?

Connect helps dealers share their designs by translating CAP® layouts into Revit® files.

Design your layout in CAP®, send it to the Connect web site, review your Revit® layout in the web browser, and send the Revit® file to your client.

Help win the bid in just 3 easy steps.

Features And Benefits

Speak the same language as your clients.

  1. Easy and fast translation
    Your client can’t wait for your design in Revit® and neither should you. Send your design to the Connect website, index and review your previous layouts, and let our server search 2.5 million manufacturer symbols to build your Revit® layout in seconds.
  2. Simple and familiar interface
    Connect’s two button AutoCAD® plugin and basic web page is easy to learn and use. Login and review your past projects and upload new ones whenever you want. Access and view your layouts from any browser enabled device.
  3. Flexible Pricing
    Win over your clients with very little investment. Connect’s subscription based pricing lets you use the service when you need it, without having to purchase expensive software that is difficult to install.

Connect In Action

Watch the demo to see how easy it is to translate your DWG design into Revit®.


Starting at
USD $79.00 / month